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Yoga Classes

Experience the transformative power of yoga at Yoga & Wellness with Lucy-Ann. My classes are designed to help you find strength, flexibility and balance, and a calm state of mind. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, I will expertly guide you through a practice that nourishes both your body and mind.

Classes are held at The John Betjeman Centre in Wadebridge, and at The Church Rooms, St Petroc's Church, Padstow. 

Vinyasa Yoga

Yin Yang Fusion

This is a blend of two styles of yoga: Vinyasa (a fluid linking of classic yoga postures creating "flow" sequences that work on body strength, tone and balance), followed by Yin Yoga (long held stretches to improve flexibility and mobility).

Friday 6pm (Padstow)

Saturday 8am (Wadebridge)

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga

If you're new to yoga, our Gentle Yoga class is the perfect place to start. This class is designed to introduce you to the foundations of yoga, including basic poses, breathing techniques, and meditation. I will help you build strength, flexibility, and confidence as you embark on your yoga journey.

Wednesday 7.15pm (Wadebridge)

A mix of Vinyasa and Yin Yoga

 Vinyasa Flow

Ready to take your practice to the next level? A Vinyasa Flow class is designed for yogis who have a solid foundation and are looking to challenge themselves. In this class, you'll explore more advanced poses and transitions, refine your alignment, and deepen your breathwork. Join me and discover the endless possibilities of your yoga practice.

Wednesday 6pm (Wadebridge)

Vinyasa Yoga

Slow Flow

This is an all levels "Slow Flow" Vinyasa class. We move mindfully, exploring classic yoga postures in fluid, creative sequences. Whether new to yoga, or a seasoned yoga practitioner, slow flow classes are perfect to learn or re-learn poses, and experience the art of a moving meditation.

Monday 5.30pm (Wadebridge)

Friday 10am (Wadebridge) 

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