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Yoga & Wellbeing Workshops


Create calm, focus, and balanced energy in your workplace with a Yoga & Wellbeing Workshop. This session is designed to address the essential components of mental and physical wellness in the office or workplace: achieving a calm state of mind, boosting mental and physical energy, maintaining good posture, ensuring spinal health during prolonged sitting, and providing strategies to manage inevitable pressures.


Investing in this 2 hour workshop benefits your business by fostering a healthier, more productive work environment. Employees who engage in wellness practices are typically more focused, less stressed, and exhibit higher levels of job satisfaction, which can lead to reduced absenteeism and increased productivity.


Workshop Features & Benefits:


* Breathwork: Techniques to lower stress & balance the nervous system, enhance focus and energise the body & mind. 
* Yoga: Gentle movements & stretches to improve flexibility, posture, and reduce discomfort from prolonged sitting.
* Wellbeing Tips: Practical advice for maintaining physical and mental health in the workplace.
* Meditation: A guided practice to calm the mind, increase concentration, and promote emotional stability.


Why Invest in Employee Wellbeing?

Here are some research findings from the UK that highlight the benefits of employee wellbeing and its impact on productivity:

CIPD Health and wellbeing at work survey 2023

This annual survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is a comprehensive study of health and wellbeing practices in UK workplaces. The 2023 report found that organisations that prioritise employee wellbeing experience a range of benefits, including:


21% higher overall productivity
40% lower absence rates
50% lower staff turnover
37% higher reported engagement levels


The report also identified several key factors that contribute to good employee wellbeing, such as:


Strong workplace relationships
Supportive management
Work-life balance
Opportunities for personal and professional development
Access to health and wellbeing resources


This Yoga & Wellbeing Workshop is a smart and supportive investment for you and your staff, enhancing both individual health and overall business performance.

* All attendees will take away a reminder desk "Wellbeing Card" with short, practical tips to stay energised throughout the day. 

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